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Beyond The Norm

We are looking beyond the basics, so expect more features from us.


We think about how and why people use such services online. To that end, we strive to apply efficient, effective, engaging, error tolerant and easy to learn - multi-faceted characteristics to our service's usability. If you are looking for something more then just a basic link shortening service, ours is the one you want to try...

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We are always looking for new ideas & are striving to provide you the best possible online experience.  We're always open to suggestions & quality feedback, so drop us a line & tell us how we are doing & what we can do to better the site.  When contacting us, please be specific as to what section of the site & domain you are referring to.  The more detailed & specific your ideas, suggestions, &/or feedback, the better we maybe able to address it.  To contact us, please email "".

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